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Trenbolone Enathate 200mg 10ml – Watson Steroid in USA


Every 1ml. of injectable solution contains: Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg

What is Trenbolone? It is a medicine that contains Trenbolone Enanthate which belongs to the Androgen group. Trenbolone is basically in charge of developing and maintaining the body in recovery from debilitating catabolic processes and helping several systems, including the muscular system.

Trenbolone Enathate 200mg 10ml – Watson Steroid in USA


How does this steroid work?

It works by activating its highly selective anti-catabolic properties, helping to maintain protein levels in the body, increasing erythropoiesis and increasing the state of conservation and development of the muscular system, as well as regulating fat.

Who should be careful when using this medicine? Those with heart disease, high blood pressure, tumors, breast and prostate cancer, prostatic hyperplasia, behavioral disorders, liver problems, poor kidney function, unbalanced calcium in the blood, thyroid, acne, excessively oily skin, severe or chronic respiratory conditions. Especially in women, due to its hormonal action, it is prohibited and contraindicated.

Also children, adolescents and elderly people. Pregnant and lactating as it is potentially risky. It should not be administered to those who receive other immuno-weakening treatments, they should necessarily consult their doctor.


For the treatment of diseases and conditions that require an increase in protein synthesis.


Recommended dose in men 150 mg per week, or according to medical criteria.


Trenbolone is a substance that belongs to the group of non-stilbene xenobiotics, therefore it is a synthetic hormone derived from Nortestosterone, thus being a modified derivative of Nandrolone and differs from Nandrolone by including two bonds of characteristics doubles in Carbons 9 and 11, which inhibits its aromatization so characteristic of this type of hormones (9-en), increasing its androgenic affinity and slowing down its metabolism.

At the level of the C9 and C10 bond, it inhibits Estrogenic activity, although it seems that this substance itself is not metabolically annulled since these compounds are necessary for it to become Estrogen, so the final steroid (Trenbolone) is 3 times more powerful in its action. anabolic as well as androgenic than nandrolone base.

Trenbolone, by not aromatizing in the body, ceases to be Estrogenic, presenting greater affinity for the Progesterone receptors, therefore the benefits are demonstrated in that the side effects due to the aromatization of Estrogen are practically not present because the already modified Trenbolone continues to act as a highly powerful muscle mass, strength and definition drug.

Even more than Testosterone. But the most striking thing is that due to its steroidal characteristics, Trenbolone reaches a greater amount of time inside the body after its administration, in addition to the strong impact it has on endogenous Testosterone, it is safer to use drugs such as HCG after finishing a cycle. of treatment since without the use of this type of drug the hormonal leveling at the testicular level of endogenous gonadotrophins could last a long time.


In Women: Severe virilization, Larynx: Growth and lengthening of the vocal cords, Skin: Stimulates the production of fat and Acne, Prostate: Stimulates its growth (HBP), Brain: Temporary inhibition of respiratory centers especially at the time of administration (Tren Cough), Sexual and reproductive disorders due to high levels of Prolactin, Increased aggressiveness (rare).


Cardiovascular Diseases, Arterial Hypertension, Thyroid and Adrenal Diseases, Neurological and Prostatic Diseases, (Cancer) Active Breast Cancer, Kidney Diseases, Liver Diseases of any etiology, Pregnancy. Lactation, COPD, EBOC, Personality Disorders (aggressiveness).


It should not be used for prolonged periods. Do not administer in patients with other treatments. Do not consume alcohol simultaneously. Do not exceed the doses. Keep out of the reach of children, administer with caution to patients allergic or sensitive to this medicine or its components. ATTENTION! No warnings have been described for athletes, but it is reported that this drug contains a component that can give a POSITIVE (+) result in an anti-doping test.


The appearance of adverse reactions can be; virilization in women (increased tone of voice, hirsutism, clitoral hypertrophy, menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea, thickening of the skin and others) In adults Acne, moderate polycythemia and obstruction due to Prostatic Hyperplasia, Hepatopathies (Cholestatic Jaundice). Liver Carcinoma, Prostate Cancer Mild Hydrosaline Retention, Arterial Hypertension. In males, small and mild feminizing effects (mild gynecomastia, decreased libido, probable erection disorders and androgenic-type impotence), especially at the end of the administration cycle. Hormonal alterations in the Thyroid. Nephropathies and alteration of the Adrenals.


Barbiturates: Microsomal enzyme inducers, alter clearance, Amiodarone, Antibiotics, Phenytoin-Oral Anticoagulants: Coumarins with increased activity (review dose), INR and Prothrombin control, edema formation (slight), alcohol.


Especially in women, due to its hormonal action, it is prohibited and contraindicated. Also children, adolescents and elderly people. Pregnant and lactating as it is potentially risky.

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