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Sustanon 250mg 10 ml – Bangkok Pharmaceuticals Steroids in USA


What is Sustanon?

Sustanon is the first multi-ester blend ever introduced. It was developed and manufactured by the company Organon during the 1960’s as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The drug is capable of giving consistent blood Testosterone levels at doses given only once a month (versus HRT which requires multiple trips to the doctor).

Sustanon 250mg 10 ml – Bangkok Pharmaceuticals Steroids in USA


Sustanon is a combination of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocoproate, and Testosterone Decanoate.

Contrary to common belief, it is not a stack of steroids in one drug. It is a mix of Testosterone and has the same effects as the hormone. Sustanon is highly androgenic. This means that it is capable of stimulating protein synthesis in the body.

Protein synthesis is the way through which our body builds up more tissues like muscles. This anabolic process allows you to gain muscle mass. This also prevents the degeneration of existing muscles in wasting diseases.

There are three main advantages of taking Sustanon over other anabolic androgenic steroids. First is that, believe it or not, it does not have as much estrogenic effects as you would think. This means it has less water retention and less fat deposition. Both of these are responsible for making the muscles look flabby and smooth. You can expect muscles of decent quality when using Sustanon.

Second, Sustanon increases the number of motor neurons in skeletal muscles and improves neuromuscular transmission. This allows you to gain some physical strength and heighten reflexes. Lastly, there is an increase in red blood cell production seen when using Sustanon. Increase red blood cells mean increase in oxygen delivery in your body, leading to more substrates for energy production by the cells. This also means that you can avoid cramps and muscle fatigue caused by anaerobic respiration due to lack of oxygen when working out. Sustanon lets you have more strength and endurance, and also prevents pains during heavy activities.

What are the side effects of Sustanon?

As mentioned, compared to other forms of Testosterone, Sustanon has less estrogenic side effects. These effects can still be experience when taking doses over 1000 mg per week though. Males who are sensitive to estrogen and who are taking high doses of Sustanon are prone to developing abnormal breast tissue or Gynecomastia.

Because Sustanon is an androgen and is converted to the more potent Dihydrotestosterone, individuals using the drug experience various androgen related side effects. This includes acne, male pattern baldness and increase in aggression for both genders. This may also mean virilization for females.

Virilization is manifested by hoarsening of the voice, increase in body hair, menstrual irregularities, and clitoral enlargement.

Moreover, because it is an exogenous source of testosterone, Sustanon suppresses the activities of the hypothalamus. This means that it inhibits the production of natural Testosterone in the body.

Males may experience problems with spermatogenesis or sperm formation. Some might even experience sexual dysfunction and decreased libido. Post-cycle therapy using Testosterone stimulants (HCG or Clomid) may be used in order to return to pre-cycle Testosterone levels.

How is Sustanon used?

Sustanon can be used as low as 250 mg every other week to as high as 2000 mg per week or more. Even if you start at a minimal dose of 250 per week, you can expect an increase of 20 pounds within a few months. While Sustanon can stay active for weeks, it is given weekly in order to keep blood Testosterone levels consistent.

Sustanon is often used with other steroids usually depending on the results the athlete wants. If he wants a great increase in bulk and strength, Sustanon is usually stacked with heavy, fast acting orals like Dianabol and Anadrol. Stacks with Masteron or Parabolan will produce increase in muscle quality on the other hand.

What do you have to remember when buying Sustanon?

Like other anabolic androgenic steroids, Sustanon is a prescription drug. This means that distribution, purchasing, and using this drug without the proper prescription from a registered doctor is illegal in the United States and even in other countries.

If you are caught having this drug without a prescription, you will most probably face some legal penalty. Sustanon is also banned from major sporting events like the Major Leagues and the Olympics. It is considered as a doping drug and can be effectively detected with modern tests.

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