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Trenbolone Acetate 100mg 10ml – Biopharma Steroid USA


This steroid is synthesized from 19-nortestosterone (Bartle et al. 1992, Hayden et al. 1992, Henricks et al. 1997, Devlin & Nagahama 2002, Guiroy et al. 2002). Its molecular structure is similar to 17α MT, but it differs in that it has 3 conjugated double bonds (Rico & Burgat 1983).

Trenbolone acetate was synthesized for the first time in France in 1967 under the name of trenbolone acetate or trienbolone, and with the trade name of Flinpix and Finaplix, with regular use in the poultry, cattle, and pig industries and in general throughout the industry livestock (Hoffmann & Evers 1986).

Trenbolone Acetate 100mg 10ml – Biopharma Steroid USA


In humans it is only used by bodybuilders to achieve rapid muscle hypertrophy.

Trenbolone is administered by intramuscular injections and one of its most popular brand names is Parabolan. Faced with this very common doping situation, given that it is a highly efficient steroid, many countries have prohibited the marketing of this veterinary drug in pharmacies, especially in the European Union.

How does Trebolone work for the gym?

The characteristic of trenbolone most appreciated by bodybuilders is its ease of combining it with other steroids and with growth hormone.

• High anabolic capacity with a strong hypertrophy of muscle mass quite quickly.

• Maximum retention of the volume obtained after the end of the cycle.

• Minimal fluid retention.

• Increased erythropoiesis.

• Does not aromatize using moderate doses.

• Maximum muscle hardness.

• Strong anti-catabolic property.

• Strong fat reduction.

• Improved metabolic rate.

• Little inhibition of the pituitary axis.

• Strong increase in muscle glycogen.

• Strong increase in muscle creatine.

• Improved insulin sensitivity, even with hypocaloric diets.

• Strong vascularity for congestion.

• If combined with oxandrolone the strength is multiplied by 3.

• If combined with Winstrol and Oxandrolone you get an extreme cut.

• If combined with growth hormone and oxandrolone a competitive cut is obtained.

While the increase in muscle hypertrophy achieved by trenbolone could also be obtained with higher milligram doses of other injectable steroids, the peculiarity or difference is that trenbolone is a strong antagonist of cortisol, and reduces cortico-steroid levels steroids in the blood.

This means that it reduces subcutaneous fluid retention, but also, its anti-cortisol capacity is what makes the difference when it comes to fat loss. It also explains, at least in part, why the aggressive tendency increases when trenbolone is used in high doses.

Adverse effects of trenbolone for the athlete

The adverse effects of trebolone are only pronounced when the doses used are higher than 450 mg, however with doses of 300 mg. per week, both the hepatotoxicity and the other adverse effects described here are negligible.

• It is not too toxic for both the liver and the kidneys.

• Does not cause any skin rash at the injection site.

• When using doses higher than 450 mg. per week can cause prostatic hyperplasia.

• With more than 450 mg. per week hallucinations may occur.

• With more than 450 mg. a significant increase in aggressiveness can occur.

• With more than 450 mg. Choking sensation and coughing may occur for a few seconds after administration.

• With more than 450 mg. hyperprolactinemia or an increase in normal prolactin values ​​can occur with its corresponding consequences, among which the dreaded gynecomastia should be highlighted.

• With more than 450 mg. an increase in blood pressure can occur, which is easily detected since it manifests itself with severe headaches.

• With more than 450 mg. Side effects typical of androgens may occur, such as acne, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, gynecomastia, alopecia… etc., so post-cycle HCG or tamoxifen therapy is recommended.

Trenbolone dosage for sport

From all of the above, it is easy to deduce that if the gym enthusiast stays on a dose equal to or less than 300 mg. per week, within cycles no longer than 10 weeks, you will not see any relevant adverse effects (except for people sensitive to the drug), although you will obtain a notable increase in lean mass and shooting force.

To all this it must be added that it’s great facility to combine it with Anavar to multiply the strength of the shot, or with Winstrol to obtain an almost perfect cutting, or even with growth hormone to obtain a competition cut, have made the Trenbolone a highly demanded steroid.

Differences between Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone enanthate has a total release time of about 7 days, so it only needs to be injected once a week, whereas trenbolone acetate releases much faster, meaning it needs to be injected much more often, usually 2-3 times a week.

It is not recommended to use trenbolone, either acetate (Finaplix, Finajet), enanthate or cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (Parabolan), as the sole anabolic agent in a steroid cycle, not only because it limits the increase in muscle hypertrophy, but also because, contrary to what it might seem, the adverse effects are increased. The most common options are those specified above.

Another disadvantage to take into account when using trenbolone as a sole anabolic agent is that estradiol levels drop a lot. This occurs because trenbolone suppresses the endogenous production of testosterone, which implies the inhibition of the natural production of estradiol. Since trenbolone does not aromatize (ie does not convert to estrogen) on its own, little substrate is available for aromatization, so estrogen production becomes very low.

On the contrary, combined with Anavar, Anadrol, Dianabol, Testoviron or Sustanon, the estrogen problem is solved, as long as a dose of at least 100 mg is used per week of a synthesized derivative of testosterone, or 10 to 15 mg. Dianabol Darts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trenbolone

Is Trenbolone used in humans?

Trenbolone is used only by athletes to achieve fast and powerful muscle anabolism as well as to improve their shooting force in the application of a sport.

Are Trenbolone Side Effects Serious?

Only when using doses higher than 450 mg. per week with a dose of 300 mg or less its adverse effects are negligible.

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