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Zomacton 15ui – Fenrring Steroids in the USA


If you are a gym enthusiast under the age of 21, you do not need to read this article as you have more than enough human growth hormone or endogenous GH, for that reason you will almost certainly be an ectomorph, as one of its main functions is reduce fat.

Zomacton 15ui – Fenrring Steroids in the USA


From the age of 30 things change, and slowly this hormone produced by the pituitary gland that is located in the brain begins to disappear, with which your ectomorphic body with a size 36 pants begins to transform.

This slowdown in the natural production of human growth hormone, or GH, with age has triggered a great deal of interest in using this synthetically produced hormone (HGH) as a way to circumvent the changes linked to aging in anti-aging therapies.

However, injecting synthetic somatropin in an adult can lead to quite serious adverse effects, especially in relation to cancer, which is why treating carcinomas in children is more difficult than in adults. Synthetic growth hormone or somatropin has always been used by gym enthusiasts as a drastic hormonal treatment for cutting, achieving adolescent levels of definition, however, the risks far outweigh the benefits, which is why it has been discontinued in anti-aging therapies.

What does growth hormone do?

Human growth hormone has its greatest release during the pre-pubertal stage. At this time there is an increase in testosterone, which also involves an increase in estrogen and bone closure of the bones, so that the human growth hormone is responsible for bone growth during the first 21 years, then once completes the definitive closure of the bones, its production begins to gradually decline.

Its essential anabolic action occurs on the bones, and in a more secondary way on the organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin, which is why it was used in rejuvenation therapies. Once the person enters adulthood, the function of human growth hormone is focused on glycemic control, since this hormone is hyperglycemic, favoring the burning of fat as an energy source, thus preserving blood glucose, together with glucagon and catecholamines. This is the feature that gym enthusiasts take advantage of to use in their cutting cycles.

People with diabetes have a higher rate of human growth hormone, especially type 1 diabetics, because carbohydrate metabolism is altered, and their body reacts through homeostasis, producing more human growth hormone to increase the combustion of the fats that it recognizes as glucose deposits, in addition to the hypoglycemia that could be generated by the administration of exogenous insulin, which it tries to counteract with catecholamines and glucagon. As if this were not enough, and as a survival mechanism for diabetics, human growth hormone transforms muscle and liver cells so that they are resistant to insulin.

As far as muscle anabolism is concerned, human growth hormone increases nitrogen retention and collagen production, but its anabolic capacity is practically nil, this is the reason why all adolescents and pre-adolescents are ectomorphs in their practically all of them, however their action on the burning of fats is very appreciable, which means that, except for a lousy diet and a marked sedentary lifestyle (unlikely in adolescent metabolism), all of them have enviable muscle definition, with a Least effort.

Synthetic growth hormone or somatropin

The extremely expensive somatropin is still frequently used by gym enthusiasts for their cutting cycles, despite its significant side effects.

For example, somatropin (HGH) inhibits the use of glucose by muscle tissue and by adipocytes, producing greater resistance to insulin, so injecting somatropin for long episodes can cause what is called pituitary diabetes, in which large amounts of insulin are needed to lower blood glucose, which can cause the cells of the pancreas to become exhausted, thus triggering type 2 diabetes mellitus for the rest of life.

Another clear example is that somatropin (HGH) can cause a decrease in thyroid T4, through a complex feedback. With low T4, little T3 is produced when it comes into contact with deiodinases, releasing lipid burning, but only in the presence of insulin, which explains the famous trio used by competitive bodybuilders for perfect definition, composed of HGH, Insulin and T4, which means that when such a number of hormones are altered at the same time, the consequences are unpredictable.

Adverse Effects of Synthetic Growth Hormone

Gym warns that the most notable risks for gym enthusiasts using somatropin for their cutting cycles is that any nascent tumor cells that might exist will begin to rapidly replicate, thus the tumor (wherever it is) would be insured. .

Another added problem for gym enthusiasts who use somatropin is that it produces visceral growth, not so rare cases of bodybuilders who have grown a lot of tongue, nose, and ears and of course the intestine, giving rise to a dilated abdomen that gives the appearance of a “tummy”.

On the other hand, those who inject somatropin subcutaneously daily over a long period of time will indeed achieve a pronounced cut, but at the cost of volume, so they need a low-estrogen steroidal anabolic (usually Anavar or Winstrol, or both) so as not to lose lean mass, which will place the cutting cycle well above €1,000.

Is it worth such an expensive protocol with such high risks? For most gym enthusiasts no, for this reason its use has been subscribed only to professionals in bodybuilding (and cycling, and long-distance runners, and weightlifting, and martial arts, and swimming …among many others, especially iron man competitors).

It should be noted that HGH is a drug that can only be legally purchased with a prescription, and prescribing this drug for issues related to muscle anabolism and doping by athletes is strictly prohibited by law.

Therefore, the only way to get HGH is illegally.

How is growth hormone administered?

Growth hormone is given subcutaneously, usually under the skin of the belly with an insulin syringe. In general, the dose injected by bodybuilders is usually from 4 IU per day for 50 days, up to 8 IU per day for 25 days.

Somatropin has a half-life of 15 to 20 minutes after subcutaneous injection. The blood concentration of somatropin reaches the peak at 1-3 hours after injection, after which time it offers practically no effect.

Most experts agree that the best time to inject somatropin is when the insulin level is low, i.e. after training, followed by another administration of insulin 30 to 40 minutes later, however in medical uses as anti-aging therapy, they recommend injecting it before sleeping.

Most common side effects of somatropin

• Carpal tunnel syndrome: a disease that affects the nerve in the wrist that is responsible for sensation and movement to parts of the hand. It can cause numbness, tingling, weakness or muscle damage in the hands and fingers.
• Acromegaly: caused by a benign non-carcinomatous tumor of the pituitary gland called a pituitary adenoma. This tumor causes the pituitary gland to produce excess growth hormone.

• Gynecomastia: Although any gym enthusiast knows what gynecomastia is, we will say for beginners that it is a pathological enlargement of one or both mammary glands that is usually associated with hyperprolactinemia, that is, an excess of prolactin in the blood.

• Visceral growths: usually from the nose, jaw, ears, tongue, feet, intestines…etc.

• From €600 to €1,000: less in your pocket. If you are going to spend them anyway, you must bear in mind that somatropin ampoules cannot break the cold chain, so they must be delivered in a refrigerator container (similar to that of frozen food) with enough ice to hold transport. The ampoules must remain in the refrigerator until their content is mixed with distilled water for subcutaneous administration.

Growth Hormone FAQs

How much do you grow with growth hormone?

Adults do not experience growth with somatropin, neither muscle nor bone, but an absorption of fat, therefore used for cutting cycles, albeit with a high risk to health.

How is somatropin injected?

Growth hormone is given once a day, usually at night, by injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection) with an insulin syringe, entering the blood vessels and spreading throughout the body.

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