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Do Trenbolone Pills Like Methyltrienolone Actually Work? Examining the Risks

Do Trenbolone Pills Like Methyltrienolone Actually Work

Methyltrienolone, often referred to as “Tren pills” or Metribolone, is touted as an extremely potent oral steroid, but a closer look reveals major efficacy and safety issues that make its use highly questionable. Given the health and legal risks, Metribolone should be avoided in favor of natural alternatives.

Understanding Metribolone

Metribolone is essentially an oral format of the popular injectable steroid Trenbolone. First synthesized in the 1960s by Roussel Uclaf, it was never approved medically due to toxicity risks found in trials. However, Metribolone developed a reputation among bodybuilders for its rapid muscle building effects.

Examining Metribolone’s Purported Potency

With an immense anabolic rating potentially 3-5 times higher than testosterone, Metribolone doses as low as 200-500 mcg per day have been anecdotally reported online to deliver substantial mass and strength gains very quickly. However, objective data is nonexistent, and its safety issues make human use unacceptably hazardous.

Reviewing the Serious Health Risks

According to limited animal data, Metribolone poses high risks of liver damage, heart disease, male pattern baldness, voice changes and clitoral enlargement in women, testosterone suppression, aggression issues, and more. The long-term health consequences of use may be extreme.


Metribolone’s Legal Classification

In most nations, including the United States, Metribolone is categorized as an illegal Schedule III controlled anabolic steroid substance. Possession without a valid prescription can lead to criminal penalties like hefty fines and jail time if discovered and convicted.

Ethical Considerations

With no proven medical benefits and substantial evidence of toxicity risks based on animal data, most experts strongly advise against the use of Metribolone for any purpose. The health and legal risks cannot be justified.


In summary, Metribolone is undoubtedly potent based on its chemical structure, but also extremely hazardous. For those seeking muscle gains, natural steroid alternative supplements can provide results without jeopardizing health or legal status.


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