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Examining MENT (Methylnortestosterone): The Powerful Underground Steroid

Assessing Its Rapid Rise, Impressive Effects and Subsequent Prohibition

Background and History

MENT, also known as methylnortestosterone acetate or trestolone acetate, is a modified form of the hormone nandrolone. It is more precisely a 19-nor compound as it lacks the methyl group attached at the 19th carbon like nandrolone. MENT first became available in the early 2010s and was sold as a “research chemical” avoiding steroid laws at the time.

Examining MENT (Methylnortestosterone): The Powerful Underground Steroid
Examining MENT (Methylnortestosterone): The Powerful Underground Steroid

MENT soon gained attention in bodybuilding circles for its reputation of delivering rapid size and strength gains rivaling potent steroids like testosterone and trenbolone with potentially less side effects. However, with its formal scheduling in 2016, availability sharply declined.

Chemical Structure

The chemical structure of MENT is nandrolone modified with the addition of a 7-alpha methyl group, which improves its anabolic effects and androgen receptor binding affinity. The acetate ester improves bioavailability but requires frequent injections.

Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio:

The anabolic/androgenic ratio of MENT is approximately 2300:650, making it significantly more potent in anabolic effects compared to testosterone. This high anabolic potency, coupled with its androgenic effects, results in significant muscle growth and strength gains.

Dosages and Cycles

Effective doses of MENT are in the range of 200-500 mg per week when used standalone. Cycles typically last from 10 to 14 weeks followed by an equal amount of time off. Stacking with testosterone is required since MENT completely suppresses natural testosterone production.

Effects and Benefits

MENT is reported to increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, strength, and muscle growth exceptionally quick—potentially comparable to high doses of testosterone or trenbolone. Dramatic weight and strength gains of 20-30 pounds are feasible in one cycle. It also does not aromatize into estrogen.

Side Effects and Health Risks

However, MENT exhibits side effects common to many steroids as well. These may include:


      • Androgenic effects like acne, hair loss, body hair growth

      • High blood pressure

      • Cholesterol imbalances

      • Liver toxicity

      • Testosterone suppression

      • Cardiovascular strain Appropriate doses, cycle length, and stacking are important for moderating side effects. It must also be used under medical supervision.

      • Legal Status
        In 2016, MENT was officially classified as a Schedule III controlled substance in the U.S. under the Anabolic Steroid Act. Possession or sale without a valid prescription is now illegal. It is also a controlled drug in many other countries. Black market manufacturing and sale continues illicitly.
        In summary, MENT is a potent modified nandrolone analogue that garnered interest for its reputed physique enhancement effects prior to its formal prohibition. Responsible use necessitates medical oversight.


    MENT, or Methylnortestosterone Acetate, is a potent synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid known for its exceptional muscle-building and performance-enhancing effects. It is crucial to approach MENT use with caution due to its strength and potential side effects. Proper dosing and medical supervision are essential to ensure safety and optimize results. As with any AAS, it is vital to prioritize health and adhere to responsible use practices to minimize risks.


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