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Readers’ letters – One man’s experience with steroids for his HIV

One Man's Experience With Steroids For His HIV

One man’s experience with steroids for HIV

by Michael Mooney

from Volume 2 Issue No. 2

These are the words of a man who has experienced the benefits of progressive use of anabolic steroids. Because everyone is so different, all doctors should be willing to work creatively with a patient to find what gives them optimal quality of life.

For some people, different dosages will work better. While one person may respond to 100 mg per week, I have seen others who don’t feel normal energy levels until they are given 600 mg of testosterone along with 600 mg of nandrolone per week. Quite a difference!

And one person will find that one steroid works much better for them than another. With a complex critical illness like HIV/AIDS there is no one-size-fits-all formula, and no dogmatic rules.

Dear Michael:

Back in June I asked you for a reference in NY for a doctor who would prescribe steroids for HIV patients. You sent me to Dr. Doug Dieterich. You also asked that I let you know how I liked him. I must thank you heartfully for the recommendation.

Doug sat with me and listened to my story. Mine is not nearly as bad as many. I only lost one lover and one close friend. I myself only had KS which was “cured” with interferon three years ago. Doug said it sounded like I was depressed. I never thought of it that way. I just thought dragging my butt everyday was part of the dark cloud AIDS brought with it.

Doug put me on 200 mg of testosterone and 2000 mcg of B12 immediately. I had an energy jump, not to mention the sex drive jump. For the next six weeks I was on 100mg of testosterone per week since my testosterone levels seemed to be “normal”. Still my weight dropped two pounds at this dosage. I had been seeing the nutritionist attached to the clinic.

Now I wanted to see the doctor again. I asked for a cycle of Deca and Doug gave me 200 mg of Deca plus 200 mg of testosterone immediately. I have not felt this “together” for fifteen years. The drugs have taken away the looming dark cloud and have given me a greater sense of control over my body and consequently helped me to focus my life. Work is better and I have energy to get through the day and still get to the gym. I’m more patient with my staff and feel a heightened sense of self esteem.

I am very pleased with what has been done at the clinic. I’m not certain whether it’s the drugs or the plain psychological effect of knowing that I’m doing something to help my body beyond just keeping AIDS somewhat capped with protease inhibitors.

Thanks for the recommendation!

L. Marks


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