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Lose belly fat, buy anabolic steroids

How to loose belly fat?

An increasing waist circumference is considered the price of aging, which is when body fat tends to shift towards the abdomen. An increase in abdominal fat has more serious consequences than making it difficult to close the jeans.

Clinical research shows that abdominal fat poses serious health risks. If you eat too much and don’t exercise, you’re more likely to be overweight, which of course includes belly fat.

The problem with abdominal fat is that it is not limited to the fatty layer under the skin, called subcutaneous fat, but also includes visceral fat, which is found inside the abdomen.

In a well-known research study, 2 groups of participants were selected. The first (control) group simply followed the same usual diet. The second group did 2 sets of 7 abdominal exercises with 10 repetitions, which is a total of 140 abdominal exercises, for 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

The result was that after 6 weeks both groups were still the same, only varying the resistance of those who practiced the exercises, but all had the same level of fat and tone, which shows that performing abdominal exercises alone is not efficient for losing weight abdominal fat, but must be based on 3 factors that are diet, cardio and physical training.

The abdominals are inserted on top of the cartilages of the 6th and 7th ribs, and the xiphoid process of the sternum, which is located on the bottom of the pubis, so their job is not to lift the legs or the bust (function which belongs to the iliopsoas), but the coiling. The obliques are also found in this region, on both sides of the rectus abdominis, which do not need specific training, since only a few series of twisting shrugs is enough to involve them.

How to lose belly fat

It is not possible to lose localized fat only, but any program to lose abdominal fat will progressively eliminate fat throughout the body. Gym Gym increases the number of factors to 4 to make it more efficient, the fourth being supplements:

• The diet: The diet is the most important part of a program to lose abdominal fat. Fat cannot be lost from one area only, but from the whole body simultaneously, so it is essential to follow a diet for definition. Without it, it is literally impossible to lose belly fat.
• Cardio: Cardio is the second most important factor. 5 to 6 cardio sessions per week should be done, lasting 30 to 45 minutes, always after training in the gym, or first thing in the morning, not long after getting up. You can do 2 cardio sessions a day, if you want to speed up fat loss.
• Abdominal exercises: to be performed daily (5 days a week during the winter, or 6 days a week during the spring), with a minimum dedication of 15 to 30 minutes.
• Supplements: 2 supplements are essential to lose abdominal fat. The first is to add L-Carnitine to the shaker water during training, and the second is fat burners. Optionally, a reducing cream can be used on the abdomen.

How to train the abdominal area

The abdominal area is divided into 4 groups of muscles, which are the abdominals, the iliopsoas, the obliques and the transversus. It is common to find many people in gyms, trying to mark and define the abdomen, doing only hundreds, or even thousands, of abdominal exercises, when they are covered by an adipose layer.

This simply does not work, and often has the opposite effect, that is, they develop abdominal muscles, generating a certain muscle mass, while the layer of fat remains intact, so visually they give the impression that they have more belly than fat before. Without a correct diet for definition and daily cardio sessions of 30 to 40 minutes, abdominal exercises will not give any improvement results.

As with any other muscle, it is necessary to train the abdominal muscles from different angles, in order to work each of the muscle fibers, let’s take an example, the exercises of elevations or curls of the trunk, develop the upper part of the abdomen, and leg raise exercises (or similar) develop the lower part, although it should be clarified that it is not possible to isolate areas of the abdomen in an efficient way, so that the entire abdomen will always be trained, in one or another proportion.

Upper abdominal training

• Flat, inclined and 45º bench shrinks.
• Trunk elevations, inclined and on a 45º bench.
• Bench trunk elevation of 90º.
• Pulley shrugs.

Lower Abdominal Training

• Leg raises (flat and incline).
• Raise of parallel legs.
• Elevation of the hips (lying down and with legs at right angles).
Full Abdominal Workout
• Shrugs of bust and legs.
• Abdominal planks.

Oblique workout

The oblique muscles should not be overstrained, as they give the appearance of a wider waist, thus partially losing the V-shape of the back, it is better to tone them only with high repetitions and very few series, but in In general, it is not recommended to train them, much less in the case of those men who genetically have wide hips.

• Inclines (with dumbbells or pulley) for obliques.
• Oblique shrugs.
• Twist shrugs.

Iliopsoas training

The iliopsoas muscle is also not interesting to train it too much, since it is located below the rectus abdominis, and an excessive development of it harms its appearance. It is trained with chest raises or leg raises, but it is not recommended.

Abdominal exercise table

• 4 exercises for the upper area.
• 2 exercises for the lower area.
• 1 or 2 machine exercises for the entire abdomen.
• Training 2 or 3 times a week.
• Rest between exercises, 30 to 45 seconds.

Frequently asked questions about losing belly fat

How is belly fat removed?

Through a diet for definition, 30 to 45 minutes of cardio and fat burners daily, which can be complemented with a reducing cream on the abdomen.

Why does fat accumulate in the abdomen?

It is due to a gene called IRX3, which is responsible for the increase in body fat when a higher number of calories is eaten than is consumed, as a reserve for times of caloric scarcity. Some people have this gene more active than others.

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