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world of roids, Types of testosterones and effects.

Types of Testosterones:

Testosterones and their effects

There are several types of testosterone, and many people still think that some are better than others when in reality testosterone is basically the same and produces the same effect. It is a question that many people ask me which one works better or which one retains less liquids. For example, propionate is usually always used at the end of cycles, but more than anything because it is short acting and in 3 days it is out and if you have to compete or start a post cycle, it is easier to control.

Another thing is that you are allergic to a certain ester and you feel bad or you get more inflammation with various esters, but it has nothing to do with the main substance.

So what is the difference?

The difference is in the ester that is added to give it the half-life and that the higher the carbon atoms it has, that is, the longer the ester or longer chain, the more weight it carries and the less testosterone remains.

Common examples of amount of steroid and ester:

Testosterone Propionate 83 mg Testosterone and 17 mg Ester
Testosterone Enanthate 72 mg of testosterone and 28 mg of the ester
Testosterone Cypionate 70 mg of testosterone and 30 mg of the ester

As you can see, Testosterone Propionate contains 83% Testosterone, while Cypionate contains 70%. At the same time, propionate has a half-life of up to 3 days, while cypionate has 12 to 14 days. It is deductible that for you to have the same anabolic effect with cypionate compared to propionate, you have to put much more at once.

Example of actual amount:

You’re putting in 600mg of propionate per week, over the course of 2 weeks you’ll have put in, 1200mg. minus 17% of the ester equals 996 mg. of testosterone.

In the opposite case and to achieve that amount of cypionate considering that it has a half-life of 12 to 14 days, then to achieve 996 mg. of testosterone in two weeks you would have to put 1420 mg in the first two days of the first week, in addition to the inconvenience that it would not be a linear curve either.

The one that you cover more or less, will depend on the diet and the cardio that you do, and not on the testosterone ester.

At the same time, there are the different anabolics that are used together with testosterone, and here there is a difference, since some retain liquids and others do not, and they act in different ways, as well as the conversion to estrogens and DHT.

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