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Liver Protectors during a Cycle, anabolic steroids for sale

How to protect your liver during a steroid cycle

In our sport such as bodybuilding or fitness, as well as in many demanding professional sports.

We take our body to another level and sometimes anabolic substances are used to help us achieve our goals, I am not saying that it is a healthy practice, but it is true that performance and muscle mass increase considerably, and if things are done correctly, with a head and under the supervision of a professional, there are not many problems doing it either.

For skeptics and non-athletic people who criticize or call high-performance athletes cycled, I will say that there are more deaths from tobacco and alcohol than from the use of anabolic steroids.

That said, because during a cycle or anabolic therapy, different types of “protections” are usually used, to prevent gynecomastia, liver damage, kidney damage, etc.

In this article I will focus on the protection of the liver during anabolic therapy, since there are still many people who have doubts in this regard, since there are those who do not recommend intra-cycle protection because it is assumed that there is a high liver load due to the therapy and that can be harmful, while other professionals like me, think otherwise.

Well, my recommendation is to use these protectors during the cycle, since in many tests carried out with athletes, when these medications or supplements are used, the liver values remain in a high range or a little altered, obviously depending on the power and time of cycle, as well as certain people, but in general they remain stable.

On the contrary, when we do not use these liver protectors or purifiers, the transaminases go up much more, GOT, GPT, alkaline phosphatases, etc.

LIV-52 has been used for many years, although in this sense I see it as obsolete from my point of view, although it also works, but for me silymarin (milk thistle) is much more effective, together with a moderate dose of Acetylcysteine NAC and artichoke extract. These would be my recommended supplements during the cycle, (although there are many more “liv” and compounds that the base is the same).

Obviously there would be many more recommended supplements during a therapy, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega 3, and some supplement to keep cholesterol in a good range, such as berberine or better yet, the V-col preparation from the Vitobest brand. Countless supplements could be added as well but these I consider essential.

Then, at the end of the therapy, I do recommend a good cleansing and hepatic purification for at least 3 or 4 weeks, where the dose of acetylcysteine NAC would be raised to 1200 – 1800 mg., and Tudca or SAME, boron, and injectable glutathione would be added as well like Samyr if the cycle had been aggressive, and at the same time a diet more moderate in proteins and high in vegetables and fruits.

In professional bodybuilding, intravenous purifications are usually done, with different compounds, but we will not go into these details, since for normal users it is not necessary.


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