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Nilevar (Norethandrolone) Profile

Nilevar Background and History

Nilevar is the brand name for the oral steroid norethandrolone, which was first developed in the 1950s. It was used medically for treating muscle wasting, burn victims, malnutrition, osteoporosis, and anemia. Bodybuilders discovered it could boost muscle growth with fewer estrogenic effects than testosterone.

Nilevar gained popularity through the 1970s and 80s for its ability to significantly improve strength and lean mass. However it was discontinued by the 1990s due to its liver toxicity risks. Today it remains available primarily through underground laboratories.

Nilevar (Norethandrolone) Profile
Nilevar (Norethandrolone) Profile

Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure and Properties:
Chemical Name: 17β-hydroxyestra-4-en-3-one
Molecular Formula: C20H30O2
Molecular Weight: 302.46 g/mol
Melting Point: 122-125°C
Half-Life: 4-5 hours (when taken orally)

Dosages and Cycles

Effective Nilevar doses are in the range of 10-40mg daily. Cycles typically last for 4-6 weeks. Short cycles are used due to its hepatotoxic nature as an oral c17-alpha alkylated steroid. Stacking with injectables is common practice.

Nilevar Dosages
For men
Beginner: 25-50 mg per day
Intermediate: 50-75 mg per day
Advanced: 75-100 mg per day
For women
Beginner: 2.5-5 mg per day
Intermediate: 5-10 mg per day
Nilevar Cycles
Beginner: 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off
Intermediate: 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off
Advanced: 10-12 weeks on, 4 weeks off

It’s recommended to start with lower dosages to assess tolerance. The maximum safe dosage is considered to be 100 mg per day for men and 10 mg for women.

Nilevar should always be stacked with an injectable form of testosterone to maintain normal physiological function and prevent testosterone suppression. Popular stacks include Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate at 200-500 mg per week.

An anti-estrogen like Nolvadex or Clomid is also recommended after cycles to help normalize hormone levels. Liver support supplements may also be used during cycles to reduce hepatotoxicity.

8-12 week cycles are considered safer durations. Extended use beyond 12 weeks increases side effects and toxicity. Proper post cycle therapy and cycle spacing is important for health and to maintain gains.

Effects and Benefits

Nilevar is prized for its ability to boost muscle protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, strength, and lean tissue development. Gains of 10-15 pounds are possible over a 4 week cycle. It also enhances collagen synthesis and bone density. The non-aromatizing nature helps avoid estrogenic side effects.

Side Effects and Health Risks

However, adverse effects may include:


      • Liver toxicity and strain

      • Cardiovascular issues

      • Testosterone suppression

      • Androgenic effects like oily skin, acne, hair loss

    Proper dosage, cycle length, and stacking are important for mitigating risks. Avoiding excess alcohol intake and using liver support supplements are also critical when using Nilevar.

    Legal Status

    Nandrolone is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance in the U.S. under federal regulation. Nilevar remains available through underground labs but is illegal to buy or possess without a valid prescription.

    In summary, Nilevar is an oral steroid that became popular for boosting physique and performance, but responsible use is imperative given its potential toxicity.


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